Our offer

Car Upholstery

  • replenishment and profiling of seats and other elements
  • bordering seats with upholstery materials and leather
  • tiling of ceiling lining and sides
  • tiling car consoles
  • bordering the steering wheels, gear lever bellows and handbrakes
  • tiling of floors

FURNITURE Upholstery

  • joinery repairs
  • renovation and replacement of forms, foams
  • upholstery with fabrics and leather
  • renovation of antiques by traditional methods (manual binding springs and bordering of fashion)

Yacht Upholstery

  • bordering cushions and seats
  • interior tiling
  • sewing of tarpaulins
  • making on the correct size of armchairs and sofas.


  • sewing of curtains and draperies
  • upholstery of wall panels